2018 Recap

12/31/2018 08:11 p.m. | Personal

2018 was a year of personal adventures. This is my 11th year of review (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017). This year was a bit calmer than the last few.

  • Continued Traveling

    This year was full of trips. Work in Vegas, a wedding in Greenville, skiing in Vail, work in Portland, beach in Pensacola, family and friends in New Orleans (2x), and 2 NFL games in San Francisco. With all the traveling I've done, I invested in a nice travel bag for the coming years.

  • Everyone at home

    I get to spend every day with my family, which won't last forever. I'm not sure I can ever return to an office, and things will be quieter once the kids are in school, but for now, everyone is at home together all day.

  • Financial Success

    In 2009, I spent more than I made, and since then it's been a goal to make more than I spend. I've continued with that goal, and have hit it the last few years. This year, we've taken some steps for the future with setting aside for kid's college and retirement.

Last year, I set goals for more exercise and fewer distractions. I've been able to log off more, and I added in some Crossfit again, along with 2 hockey leagues. I did not potty train a kid, but we gave it good effort, and learned that it needs to click with the kid, and there's nothing we can do to force it.

Overall, 2018 did not have the amount or level of big life events as the past few years. It's been nice to slow down a bit, though a bit hard for me since I love to see change and to keep moving forward. Fewer highs and lows than past years, a nice and balanced year.


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