2017 Recap

12/31/2017 08:38 p.m. | Personal

2017, what a year. This is my 10th(!) year of review (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016) and I'm thankful for all the past ones. This year was another big one.

  • New baby girls

    It was a big year for baby girls in my family. First, my daughter Gretta was born at the end of March. Then, my cousin's daughter (his first) was born this summer. And finally, I became an uncle when my brother's daughter was born in December. We are all so blessed.

  • Meg stayed home

    Meg decided to stay home after Gretta was born for the rest of the year. We're lucky to all be at home together everyday. We get great family time in both quantity and quality.

  • Lots of travel

    I got to take some fun trips this year. Los Angeles for work, Wisconsin for grilled cheese, Alabama/Florida for a graduation and a wedding, Dallas for family, New York/Philly for 2 NFL games, and Mobile for Thanksgiving.

  • Astros World Series

    I've been an Astros fan since I was born, and was lucky enough to attend 2 World Series games (4 & 5), and am so excited that they are the world champions. I lived in Texas for about 80% of my life, and part of the time away was during the Rockets back-to-back championships, so it's great to be in Houston to see a local team win.

The weeks following Gretta's birth were filled with unexpected trips to the children hospital, so that experience was something I'm excited to leave in 2017. I know we'll have more in her future, and she's happy and healthy now, and were thankful to not be visiting the hospital as often.

I joined a 2nd hockey league and played in a tournament over Thanksgiving weekend. It's been good for getting exercise, and the group of guys and gals that play are lots of fun, so I'm lucky to have found an alternative to the gym that I enjoy. I've still been running and riding the exercise bike some, so overall I'm getting good exercise.


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