How to hide an elephant...

Category: Creative

Meg sent me a link to a How to hide an Elephant ...

Published at: 07/05/2008 04:27 p.m.

Wanted is not too bad

Category: Media

Meg and I went to see the movie Wanted on Thursday. It ...

Published at: 07/05/2008 02:56 p.m.

ESPN360 is just wrong

Category: Business

The revamped ESPN360 lets you watch big sporting events live on the ...

Published at: 06/26/2008 03:56 a.m.

As far as rules go

Category: Personal

There are many ways to play the game. In tennis, for instance, ...

Published at: 06/22/2008 06:18 a.m.

The ATM difference is symbolic

Category: Personal

At most of the ATM's for a Wells Fargo, the 'quickcash' amount ...

Published at: 06/20/2008 12:20 p.m.

On Soccer

Category: metoday

I am enjoying soccer more and more. It's like giant hockey and ...

Published at: 06/19/2008 01:56 a.m.

Finally home for a bit...

Category: Personal

So, it has been a while. I have accomplished many things in ...

Published at: 05/28/2008 10:04 a.m. is up

Category: Writing

I am pretty sure that I like the idea of starting blogs ...

Published at: 04/13/2008 07:50 p.m.

Ze and a Perfect day

Category: metoday

This is a longer one, but I think it is a good ...

Published at: 04/13/2008 04:39 p.m.

Getting out the good and bad

Category: Self-Improvement

My vision of this is constantly changing. It has evolved over the ...

Published at: 04/07/2008 06:44 a.m.

Flip Ultra

Category: metoday

Got a new Flip Ultra video cam. It is pretty sweet.

Published at: 04/06/2008 02:15 p.m.

Into the Wild

Category: metoday

As a soon-to-be college graduate, maybe this movie speaks more to me ...

Published at: 03/04/2008 07:39 p.m.

Fox News again (it's that kinda day)

Category: Politics

Reporting live for hopefully the last time...

Published at: 03/04/2008 02:27 p.m.

One more video of excitement

Category: Politics

Another instance of Ron Paul showing up on the internet...

Published at: 03/04/2008 02:23 p.m.

And the real deal...

Category: Politics

So, not so much on TV for CARPOOL, but good pub for ...

Published at: 03/04/2008 11:27 a.m.

Live in the MSC

Category: Politics

More to come...

Published at: 03/04/2008 11:15 a.m.

Secret Church

Category: metoday

New format, same name. New topics, same host. Today it's Secret Church, ...

Published at: 03/03/2008 01:59 p.m.

Chain = Broken

Category: metoday

Well, it had to happen sometime. But, it was worth it. We ...

Published at: 01/21/2008 08:23 p.m.

Almost done with my first week

Category: metoday

WEll, its been a good week. Easy classes, lots done in CARPOOL, ...

Published at: 01/17/2008 09:18 p.m.

Come on Aggies

Category: metoday

Well, it was a pretty nice day. Class was easy. We had ...

Published at: 01/16/2008 08:12 p.m.