2011 Happiness Project - January Recap

01/31/2011 08:47 a.m. | Self-Improvement

January is almost over, along with the first stage of my 2011 Happiness project. My goal for the month of January was to get 30 minutes of exercise every day. According to Daytum,which I have been using to track activity, I only exercised on 9 days of the month. Not exactly the total I was hoping for.

I would still like to keep fitness in the mix, and am hoping to still get in at least 3 days of exercise a week for theforeseeablefuture. On the few days that I did work out, I mostly felt happier. But, I wasn't necessarily unhappy on the days that I didn't run or get on the bike. A large part of my joy of physical activity comes from competing in sports. Running around a track or riding a bike loses some of that competition. While physical activity makes me happier, perhaps it doesn't have to do as much with the activity as I though.

February starts a new month, and with it a new goal. I have chosen to focus on spirituality this month, in the form of a Daily Thanks.

Each day this month, I will write a daily thanks. It may be 1,000 words, or it may be a couple of sentences. Each one will be collected and then sent out later as part of a more secret project. I have done something like this in the past, and it left with with a great feeling of joy and happiness. My goal in February is to perform a daily thanks once again.

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