Nice things

03/19/2012 06:48 p.m.

I've made it another year. It wasn't a challenge in the sense of lasting, but more in the sense of keeping things growing. I grew last year.

Meg and I have a phrase that we use often when we are playing games on our iPads or are out at a nice dinner:

It's nice to have nice things.

This phrase is about much more than having two iPads. It's about learning to appreciate things. Sometimes all that means is a morning together. Other times it's a week at the beach. It can also be about physical items.

We have nice families, and together we have a very nice relationship.

The word 'nice' is on the dead-word list in Meg's class. This is for words that are overused and lose their meaning. The thing I like about the word nice is that it has a different meaning to everyone. It's meaning depends on your perspective, on your perception of what is nice. Nice is relative. Nice is much more related to the individual than to the thing being described.

I have found more in my life that is nice. I have developed a better appreciation for the nice things in my life. I am happy to have grown in my appreciation of things.

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