Heres the problem

01/12/2010 02:15 a.m. | Personal

I love that phrase. Whenever someone asks for my help and starts out with "Here's the problem", I get excited.I know that they have a new puzzle for me to solve. I begin to focus intently on what they are describing, and all sorts of things start firing off in my head.

After getting a general idea about the problem, my brain starts to dig up relevant knowledge or experience. I start to figure out if this has a quick fix or if it's something I will need (get) to tinker with on my own. I pay close attention to the details of the issue and start to form some questions that may help me fix things. "Have you tried this yet?" "Did you ask so-and-so? She's done this before."

There's something in my head that just comes alive when I hear that phrase. It creates focus and gives me a task. Sometimes the task takes 5 minutes, and other times it takes weeks of research and work. Either way, I get a puzzle to solve and a challenge to take up my time.

And that might be the core of "here's the problem"; the challenge that it brings to me. Some tasks that I am given are a challenge while others are more routine. When someone has a problem, though, it's almost guaranteed not to be a routine task. It is likely a challenge and is sometimes one that the other person just can't figure out. I get to come in and help out and solve the problem.

The added bit of joy is from being called in to help. If someone is asking me for help, they probably think I either have the ability to solve it immediately, or that I have the skills to find a solution. It doesn't matter which is the case. It is always nice to be thought of to solve things. Anyone can be counted on to do a routine task, but only a select few are able to solve new and complex problems. And I like being part of the latter group.

It is hard to think of another phrase around home or the office that gets me more excited. I look forward to continuing the path of being someone who gets to solve problems.

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