2019 Goals and Guesses

01/01/2019 09:05 p.m. | Goals

Like last year, it turns out trying to control your kid isn't a great goal. Potty training didn't go as planned, but I have faith it will eventually come.

  • More time outside

    We've got plans for a patio upgrade, and combined with the new running path behind our house, I'm hoping to enjoy more time outside. I even bought a mower to force myself to get up and out.

  • Parent flexibly

    Having two kids has been a welcome change. I want to be more flexible in both my expectations of my kids, as well as how we spend our time. Routines are good in some circumstances, but it's also important to go out and explore.

  • Plan for the long term

    I've done well to plan on a single year basis, with close milestones and well defined goals. I've not done well to plan long term, 5+ year goals. I'd like to give that some more effort this year.

The Powerball hit new highs in 2018, $500M+ after taxes and everything. I didn't have much chance to win, mostly because I didn't buy a ticket. Thinking about how that kind of money would change your life, in both good and bad ways, made me consider and appreciate the things I have in my life. I realized that time is something worth spending money on when you can, so in 2019, we're spending some money on a place that we can spend more time together.

In dreaming about what you can do with $500M, you might realize there are things you dream of that are achievable now, without the enormous wealth. I might not be able to afford a private plane or a yacht, but that doesn't mean I can't take a vacation to a more remote destination. You might get a bigger house, or one in a nicer neighborhood, but it seems like there's always going to feel like a need for bigger and more, that getting a huge home doesn't really satisfy.

I'm still dreaming about ways to make my life and my family's life better. Most of it doesn't take much money at all.

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