2016 Goals and Guesses

01/01/2016 11:01 p.m. | Goals

Last year was my biggest year, so I don't anticipate near the amount of change this year. 2016 will be more about stability, and potentially some change for my wife Meg. It will be my first full year as a dad, but I've been working on that for the last six months, so I'm familiar with it.

This year is all about growing some roots and hopefully developing some good habits. My goals all deal with health, and are:

  • Keep Ander healthy

    Ander is still very young and relies on Meg and I for everything, so keeping him alive and well is our top priority (probably for the next 18 years). As he learns to walk, I know there will be some bumps and bruises, so my goal is to keep him healthy and recognize when he isn't feeling well and making sure he get's all the care he needs.

  • Continue staying active through sports

    I want to continue staying active through ultimate frisbee when the weather is nice, and through ice hockey as long as I can afford the ice time. Sports have always been a passion of mine, both as a player and fan, so getting back into team sports will keep me active and competitive.

  • Run 2 5Ks under 28 mins

    This past fall I ran a Thanksgiving 5k in 31:30, which was about 3 minutes slower than a similar run in 2014. I want to get back into the shape needed to run under 28, and I want to run in at least 2 official 5Ks at that pace.

Last year I made a guess on mileage, mostly because it's easy to count, but I don't think it's really a good measure of fitness or of progress. The 5K goal should get me on track both to be in shape and to compete, even if it's just against the clock.

Guesses are tough this year. I'm not sure how fast Ander will walk or talk, so it's hard to predict how my year as a dad will go. As for Meg, I predict she will go back to work this year, but that's really just a guess. As far as work for me, changes to Daily Fantasy Sports could have some impact on us, so I am going to optimistically guess that the legal landscape on that will start to clear up, and these games will continue to grow (though hopefully won't advertise on TV as much).

Since it's an Election year, I'm going to guess the presidency will swing back to the Republican party, assuming Trump doesn't tear them apart.

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