2015 Goals and Guesses

01/02/2015 01:22 p.m. | Goals

Despite it being early in the year, I already have some big plans for 2015. Meg and I are expecting a baby this summer (our first), along with a move back to Texas and a new house (another first). With all of this change, I have only one goal this year:

Be Prepared.

We can plan for every challenge that will come along with all of these firsts, but we won't be able to predict everything. I want to make sure these changes come as smoothly as possible, and that a year from now I am describing our first year in our new home with the new baby and how well everyone is doing. My goal is to be ready for changing schedules, for surprises from doctors, and for the strain these changes will put on my own mental and physical health.

There are lots of little things I'll need to do daily and weekly, but my priority this year is to be prepared.

For guesses, I'll skip over the things I've already mentioned and try to make a few predictions of things that aren't planned:

  • More family time than this year

    We got to spend lots of time with our family throughout the year, but in Florida and in Texas, but I think moving back will increase that amount of time.

  • More teamwork at work

    This past year at work, I spent a lot of my time working solo on small projects, going back and forth with our PMs for feedback and help on design and functionality. This year, I think I'll work much more with other devs through Google Hangouts and other sharing tech.

  • More miles travelled

    This year I've walked or run 1,092 miles (see yours). I think next year I'll break 1,200 miles, or about 100 miles a month. This isn't a goal, just a guess.

Like many of the last few years, 2015 will be full of change. I am very fortunate to have so much support from Meg and our family and I look forward to the next 365 days.

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