2010 Goals and Guesses

01/03/2010 05:54 a.m. | Self-Improvement

2009 was a great year. I recapped it here, but now I'd like to set up some goals and guesses for the new year.

  1. Do less

    Doing less is hard. There are so many interesting things out there that I want to explore. But, in many aspects of my life, I find myself spending lots of time with the same old things. When you dabble, you have to do it cheaply. I'd rather save up and do something really nice and do it a lot so I can become great at it. This goal is from last year, and will continue to be a goal until I hit it.

  2. Be more active

    While in NYC, I walked almost everywhere. I would take the subway to places of course, but I rarely took a cab. This was both cheap and great for my overall health. It allowed me to eat pizza everyday and not gain any weight. In Houston, being active is proving difficult, so I'd like to put more focus into being active. Whether this is tennis, walking, running, or joining a gym, I'd like to do more.

  3. Sleep more

    I suspect many people have this goal, or probably should. Sleep affects how you feel and act while awake, and getting a good night sleep can help with focus at work, being more active, and a host of many other things during the day. I got a fitbit for Christmas, and I am using it to track my sleep patterns and see where I can get more sleep. I think my final goal can also help with sleep.

  4. Read more paper books

    I have about a dozen books on my shelf that I would like to read. Reading before going to sleep has always been something that has helped me sleep, but I've never been consistent in doing it. I would like to do more of that and less watching TV late at night. Plus, some of the books I have aren't available in audiobook format, so it is content I might not otherwise experience.

That's it for goals. All of those goals will be difficult to accomplish, but I think doing each one helps with doing the others, so the more of each I focus on, the easier the rest will be. I also have some guesses for the new year.
  • Expanded job responsibilities due to growing knowledge, training, and signs of leadership.
  • Move out of my parents house and into a place of my own.
  • Fly on an airplane a couple of times. Not as much as '08, but more than in '09.
Here is to 2010 being another fresh start and a great year.

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