2009 Goals and Guesses

01/03/2009 03:47 a.m. | Self-Improvement

With so much change happening in 2008, I think things will be different in 09. Here are a few goals.

  1. More stability

    There was a lot of change in 2008. I think much of it, combined with other factors, have added to me feeling wrestless and a lack of consistency. If you know me, then you know I create consistencies in my life (like pizza). I would like to reach deeper with some more stability in 2009.

  2. A plan

    Much of 2008 was following some other plan. What work had planned, what school had planned, etc. I want to control more of my own destiny this year, and add more purpose to the things I do.

  3. Do less

    I do lots of little things. I like to dabble and learn and read things online. I am always trying new web services and trying to discover what I need to use and what is entertaining and what other ways to spend my time. I want more focus this year, so that I do less, but finish more.

In an attempt at the last one, I will end the goals there. As far as guessing goes, I imagine I will be spending more time in Texas in 2009 than I have spent in the last 6 months. I also think I will make some money in the market this year, after losing quite a bit last year. I also predict I will buy a new mac, and convert 2 of my friends over to the ways of OSX. We will see...

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